Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Alpha, Beta... Omega

We (the collective we) Omegas are the lowest of the low. Society looks down on us, barely acknowledges us, hurts us, belittles us... They live their lives seemingly problem free, where as we get to handle the shit they cause.

They outcast us, don't allow us in their social circles. So most of us don't speak to many other people, reducing our chances to meet others like ourselves.

As time moves on, the more hurt we experience, the more we become accustomed to our loneliness. The defenses around our hearts and emotions grow taller and stronger, some people may take a liking to us and try to get to know us, but because of selfish people before them our defenses are strong, and they never break through them. Leaving us alone once again, wondering how we've deserved the curse we carry.

Perhaps its just me clinging desperately onto that last scrap of naivety I have, I shrug my shoulders and I move on, my defenses get stronger... In hope that one day someone will come a long and see the true potential with me. They'll break down those defenses and take a peek at the true me, and they'll love what they see. Slowly but surely all the trust issues, all the hurt, all the anxiousness and all of the pent up sadness will diminish, all because that one person persisted.

I wait patiently in anticipation for my fortress to crumble at the hands of another.

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