Saturday, 4 September 2010


In about 25 minutes I will be turning 19 years old. I wave farewell to the 'best year of my life' and say hello to just another year. I'm sure that around this time of year everyone goes through that brief period where they reflect upon their lives so far, they weigh up the good and the bad times and determine if they've had a good life or not. I'm sure everyone does it... Right?

Well today that is exactly what I've done. No matter what I've been doing, in the very back of my brain I've been reflecting, and wondering, about my life so far. I had to really strain to think of good times I've had, because the bad memories would be far more prominent. Perhaps this is because these are times that have made me a much stronger person, or perhaps just because I'm a morbid cunto.

So I determined my life has been shite so far, and I start to wonder how different being 19 will be to being 18. My guess is not very much, but I do have this overwhelming voice shouting inside my cranium: "Work hard, Jack! This is the last chance you've got!" over and over. I'm determined to do well at college, start saving my money. I need to sort my life out, and sharpish.

I'm scared this year is going to be another shit one, where nothing good happens. To be honest, I can see it happening already.

On a lighter note, I think I found the second steadding. In the wheel of time books, their are a few steaddings dotted about the world. I'm starting to think that our world might be the same as that.

The second steadding is located on the border between North Wales and England. Oswestry. I've never been to a place I so instantly felt at home and welcomed at.

I have to visit there again at some point, its beautiful.

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